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Question from Babycat "RIP" (5/22/2010) Q: Hello, I have two kittens, they are 3 months old now. They are brothers. One of them has just started peeing on the couch. He will use the kitty litter most of the time. I always make sure that the... more ››
Answer from Brent Hinton A: There are multiple reasons as to why your kitten may be urinating on the couch. It is possible at this age that he is not completely litter box trained, or he may be attempting to mark his territory.... more ››
Question from CODY JONES Q: hi i want to know if human food is wrong to eat poeple keep telling my daddy that he shouldn't give me it .... more ››
Answer from Christie Shaver A: Since it is Thanksgiving today, I couldn't help but go ahead and answer this question so you can indulge in your family's feast. Real cooked foods are the best diet a dog or cat could have. True, there... more ››
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