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Question from Meeko Q: Meeko sometimes chews on his foot and on some day his front paw. He does not chew on his nails but his foot! Why does he do this?... more ››
Answer from Brent Hinton A: It sounds like Meeko may be suffering from allergies. Chewing on paws is a classic symptom. Your vet would best be able to determine the cause of his allergy and aid in treatment. Brent Hinton CEO... more ››
Question from Bandit Q: i have a maltese puppy, i don't know how old he is, does anybody know how i can find out? PS his little testies haven't dropped, maybe that will help with my question...... more ››
Answer from Andrea Arden A: Hi there- One of the best ways to gauge a pup's age is by looking at their teeth. While all dogs mature at a slightly different rate, generally if they have a full set of baby teeth they are probably... more ››
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