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Question from Tina Q: Hey Christine my vet vist said that i have an olser and ear mites. But don't worry i am taking anibiodics and pain meds and ear meds for my olser and ear mites. Well I have a qestion for you. How... more ››
Answer from Christine Agro A: Hi Dixie, Mites are like lice, fleas or ticks - they are part of the world and they look for rich blood sources to survive and breed - the ears are rich with blood. Generally, if an animal is healthy,... more ››
Question from Tina Q: what does it mean when your female cat goes into heat?... more ››
Answer from Brent Hinton A: Your cat is experiencing estrus when she comes into “heat”. If she is exposed to a male cat, you may find yourself with kittens in a few months. If you do not plan on breeding your pet, it is highly... more ››
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