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Question from Meeko Q: Mommy switched me to a new food. She did it by mixing it with my regualar food, and adding more over time. But yet I am vomiting! Is this possible? What should Mommy do?... more ››
Answer from Andrea Arden A: Hi there- I would have her contact your veterinarian immediately as vomiting could be a sign of a medical issue. It could be you have an upset tummy or are having a reaction to some ingredient in the... more ››
Question from Strider Q: Strider has a prescription of Tramadol HCL for some pain. I know it is used for pain control in dogs but I am worried about giving it to him. We are trying to keep him on his homeopathic route. He has... more ››
Answer from Christine Agro A: Please give me a little more information about Strider and then I can check in with him. How old is Strider? What was the initial problem? Was it a western vet that prescribed Tramadol? And whoever... more ››
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