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Question from sr.bastain Q: hello this sr.bastian momi waswonder my big brother has dry skin is it a allergy ?or just dry skin what could they used to help them from stop itching ?my mom got them oatmeal bath stuff would that help... more ››
Answer from Christie Shaver A: The skin works with the excretory system to remove toxins from the body. Some pets, just like some people, are more sensitive to chemicals and substances in foods than others, and it is likely your pet... more ››
Question from Tina Q: When I cry dixie trys to make me laugh but if i still am crying she does something that might break a bone like trying to jump onto a bed but never breakes a bone. Is she trying to make me happy or because... more ››
Answer from Christine Agro A: I don't think Dixie is trying to break a bone. It looks like if you are crying she first tries to comfort you. If she is unable to, she gets anxious because you are not ok. It might be helpful to... more ››
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