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Question from LYRIC Q: Sorry the question got caught off but it wasn't an ear infection, I got bit by the brown recluse spider. I have a gaping hole under my arm pit that is red. Mom rinsed it with distiled water, peroxide... more ››
Answer from Christine Agro A: ewww...I have a problem with spiders. I am really sorry to hear about that. I would get some therapeutic clay (french green or bentonite) make a paste and keep it on the area. I would also add to... more ››
Question from Chip Q: I have a 7year old Sheltie and he is VERY shy when it comes to men. I don't think he likes the deep vocies. He has never really lived with a man in the house before, so i was woundering how I can... more ››
Answer from Andrea Arden A: Hi there- Discomfort with a specific person or group or people is most often caused by two things: Genetics (that is, a dog who is genetically more reserved) Lack of Early Socialization (a dog who was... more ››
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