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Question from milla Q: my dog spencer 18months old has been diagnoised with imflammatory bowel disorder, we have food and treats, we need other things to give him, he was used to chewing on chewies, can you help?... more ››
Answer from Christine Agro A: IBD at 18 months. First thing I would do is find a vet that will titer him (do a blood test to determine levels of antibodies) and avoid any vaccinations that he doesn't need. Most dogs by 2 years have... more ››
Question from Kiara Q: Hi, I was wondering about the complications with a Chihuahua and a Mini-Pincher breeding. Problem is that my 5 month old minipin puppy somehow managed to mount my tiny chihuahua female who is now a year... more ››
Answer from Andrea Arden A: Hi- There are a number of issues with this situation. Firstly, very small dogs often have complications with breeding, so your veterinarian may need to perform a cesarean in order for the birth to happen.... more ››
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