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Question from Jacob Q: Christie, ths isnt about Jacob. i also have a dog. My mom wants to buy a shock collar so that when he barks, he gets electrified. What can i do to get her to change her mind?... more ››
Answer from Christine Agro A: It might be useful if your Mom has a better understanding of the negative side effects of using shock collars and of the other alternatives which are actually likely to more successfully curb excessive... more ››
Question from Tina Q: Hey christine Iknow i have been writeing to you alot but well is it okay if an 84 yr old pug is a little bit on the fat side and should I stay on taking dixie on a walk at 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm to help her... more ››
Answer from Christine Agro A: As long as your vet hasn't given you a reason why Dixie shouldn't be out walking, a gentle paced half hour walk is really good for her for a number of reasons. Walking provides excersise, it gets the... more ››
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