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Question from KATIE Q: My cat is on iv fluids, sub, 2 x's day for kidney failure. She has been doing VERY well since the beginning of 07 summer. How will I know when it is her time? She is 18 or 19.... more ››
Answer from Brent Hinton A: This is something you and your veterinarian should discuss very carefully as only you and your vet know her medical history and her quality of life. Choosing to let a companion go is a very personal... more ››
Question from Angus Young Q: My French Bulldog has a hacking, gagging cough that started 3 weeks ago. At first he was bringing up a white frothy foam and then started to throw up his food and water. I brought him the the vet and... more ››
Answer from Brent Hinton A: I would definitely recommend follow up with your veterinarian. There is no way to determine what may be wrong with your pet without a complete physical evaluation. If your pet is still seriously ill,... more ››
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