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Question from tutu Q: dear christie. i have a 9 month old bassett hound. my question is when i first got him he was 3 months old he would go out and do his thing and then all of a sudden he won't do it when i take out now.... more ››
Answer from Christie Shaver A: I'm guessing that it's the weather that makes your dog want to stay inside. If he is only 9 months old you got him this Summer - when it was nice and warm. My girl Hunter HATED to 'go potty' whenever... more ››
Question from KATIE Q: My cat is on iv fluids, sub, 2 x's day for kidney failure. She has been doing VERY well since the beginning of 07 summer. How will I know when it is her time? She is 18 or 19.... more ››
Answer from Brent Hinton A: This is something you and your veterinarian should discuss very carefully as only you and your vet know her medical history and her quality of life. Choosing to let a companion go is a very personal... more ››
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