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Question from Angus Young Q: Hello, I need some help please! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get Angus to calm down. He was just fixed last week and he continues to bark, snap, bite, and hump my husband and I. I walk... more ››
Answer from Andrea Arden A: Hi there- There are two parts to raising a great dog...management & training. Manage his time so you help set him up for success. That is, at this point keep him on a leash when you are interecting wit... more ››
Question from Meeko Q: Hola Amigos! I sleep in the bed with Mommy. Anywhere I sleep I have to be touching her. Why do I do this?... more ››
Answer from Andrea Arden A: Hi there- Dogs are generally very social creatures that's part of why we love to have them as our companions. But, be careful not to become a 'velcro dog.' That is, a dog who can't... more ››
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