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Boy Cat
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Dec 25th, 2011
United Kingdom
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Where I Met My Family:
I was roamin' the streets of Belfast on a Saturday night. Everything had gone to the dogs. It was wet, I lost a few pounds, I was so hungry. I was in some other place I didn't know my way around. This lady in a red coat tried calling me. I ran away at first, but she didn't give up. I thought this kid's got gumption. So I started to jump around her ankles. Well didn't she lift me the cheeky queen!
My First Day with Them:
So there I was lost, and before I know it I was being carried by some crazy cat lady in a red coat! She brought me into a house at the end of the street. I looked around, wondering where in God's name I've landed now. She put me down, while another lady in the seat shouted 'What is that!' The crazy red coat lady said something about me nearly getting knocked down or spinning some sort of wild story. Well, anyway, it got me sitting in front of a plate of ham slices. It was the best thing I ever tasted, and I was starved! I woofed the grub down. Crazy lady got a big pink blanket in the back hall for me. To top the craziness all off they kept calling me Poppy! I was confused. They knew I was a guy right? So, anyway, I gave in and slept on the pink blanket, I was tired. Before that I napped in the two crazy lady's arms. Once I knew there was trust, I decided to lay in their arms. If I keep giving them affection, I'll get more ham! So since that day, crazy lady tried to find an owner but noone came forward. I don't talk about the past. It's a dark, shady part of my memoirs set for another day. I got taken to some crazy buffons in white coats who stuck needles into me! But, at least they gave the dodos I lived with the information that I am a boy! So, they call me Frasier. King of the castle.
Cool Tricks I Do:
I roll around, I'm real good at interior design. I'm carving some new patterns into the walls as we speak! It's a continuing work in progress.
Things I like:
I love nothing more than good food. From lamb, to liver, to pate, to chicken, there's nothing like fine dining. I like to roam the backyard. Bird watching's becoming a favorite past time. I'm working on mimicking the chirps of certain species. Dreamies too!
I don’t like:
Falling into a filled bath, other cats trying to move into my turf, only getting dried catfood in one day!

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My Human Girl
Birthday: June 22nd
Things I like:
Cats, animals, reading, writing, doing art, paranormal.
I don’t like:
Liars, cruelty to animals and children.

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