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Jasper  Turkish Angora 
Boy Cat
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My Birthday:
Mar 6th, 2012
Riverside, AL
United States
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My Mood Today:   Adventurous
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Where I Met My Family:
I met my Mom's Daughter in Gadsden, Al where I lived with my brothers and sisters. I knew she was allergic to me but she took me home anyways. Then my Mom came up to visit on the weekend and we just knew we were ment to be together. After several weekend visits I finally got to go home with her to Riverside, Al. On the river with birds and Squirrels that I can watch through this big glass door.
My First Day with Them:
The first day with Mom, all I wanted to do was sit with her. After she gave me a bath that I DID NOT LIKE.. I felt so clean. She gave me lots of toys to play with too...I love my Mom!
Cool Tricks I Do:
I can throw my toys in the air and jump up and caught it before it hits the floor...
Things I like:
Treats, birds, squirrels, ducks and my favorite toys... Mom rubbing my back and kissing my head.. And Mom's plant but she don't like me getting in it.
I don’t like:
Baths!!!! Mom going to work without me!!!

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Feb 10, 13
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Feb 10, 13
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