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Roxie  Pomerainian - Chihuahua Mix 
Girl Dog
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My Birthday:
May 31st, 2012
Sewell, NJ
United States
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Where I Met My Family:
I met my family at this little widely-known pet store that sells little puppies, just like me! An lady came up to my play pen and looked at me; she also pointed me out to her daughters. One daughter instantly fell in love with me and I was so happy. Then 1 week later, I had a new family in a now home!
My First Day with Them:
I arrived at my new home. There was sort of a lot of people at their house. I thought that those people lived there. But in the end, they did not live there. But I am such a curious dog, I went wonder off into diferent places!
Cool Tricks I Do:
-I can stand up on my hinde legs for a long time -I have a really loud bark
Things I like:
-Anything that squeaks -Anything beef, pork, bacon, or turkry flavored, I love it!
I don’t like:
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Feb 26, 13
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