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Q: Is it normal behavior for yorkies to groom themselves like cats.My yorkie is constantly grooming even after going to the groomers or baths. I keep him very clean.?
A: When you say 'grooming' like a cat do you mean licking paws and rubbing on his head, or his licking fur and if it's licking fur - is it his feet, genitals, rear? or the whole body?

Regardless of where he is licking I see two things - first is anxiety and the second is allergies.

This would be helpful information: where and how is he licking? Does he have hot spots, rash or skin irritation? What kind of food are you feeding him? What kind of shampoo is the groomer using? How often is he being groomed? What kind of training has he had?

But without that information, from what I see in his space, I'd say reduce the amount of shampoos for a while or switch to a gentle, all natural shampoo; look for known allergens in his food: yeast, gluten, corn, sometimes beef and elminate those - Wellness is one of the better processed foods on the market or look at the book "Better Food For Dogs" for homemade food recommendations; get him some training as it will help him feel more secure in his surroundings (or use his commands with him to help him understand boundaries if you've already done training); and work with some flower essences such as rock rose and vervain to help him deal with the anxiety in his space. If he has hot spots, rash or skin iritation use something like Healing Dog's healing oil to heal these and again reduce the baths for a period of time.

I hope this helps.

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Christie Shaver
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Christie Christie Shaver, is a licensed pet nutrition expert and is the founder of The Healthy Pet Gourmet visit her at

Below is the story of Christie’s journey in becoming a successful pet healer:

When my dog, Goldie, became ill at 11, I knew that if I didn’t act quickly, my vet planned to euthanize him. He was very sick, but I couldn’t let him go. I knew it wasn’t his time. For the next 4 days I wouldn’t leave his side – I massaged and hugged him, kissed ... read more ››
Andrea Arden
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Andrea Andrea Arden has written five books including Dog Friendly Dog Training (IDG, 2000), Train Your Dog the Lazy Way (Macmillan, 1999), and The Little Book of Dog Tricks (IDG, 2002).

She has also been the behavior columnist for Dog Fancy and The New York Dog magazines as well as a contributing writer for the AKC Gazette, and numerous other publications.

Andrea was the on air trainer for The Pet Department, FX’s Emmy award winning daily show and has appeared ... read more ››
Christine Agro
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Christine Christine works with all animals. Her role is to act as a voice and advocate for your animal and provide support and guidance for you. Christine combines her clairvoyance and her natural healing background to address all aspects of your animal’s health, wellness and Spiritual needs. She offers insight into diet/nutrition, health, wellness, emotional support, behavioral needs and Spiritual growth.

Christine is the pioneer of the Conscious Animal Connection and during readings, she ... read more ››
Brent Hinton
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Brent Brent Hinton
PetFirst Healthcare
Co-Founder and CEO

Brent Hinton's mission as co-founder and chief executive officer of PetFirst Healthcare is to help pet owners have access to the healthcare their pets need by simplifying the pet insurance process.

For 17 years, Hinton served as an executive for various non-profit organizations. He also is an expert in animal adoption and welfare, having served as director of the Kentucky Humane Society for eight years.

Hinton's ... read more ››
Carole Wilbourn
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Carole A cat therapist forever, Carole Wilbourn is The Cat Therapist. She’s published 6 books on cat psychotherapy and logged more than 100,000 miles making house calls to patients throughout the world. She’s been hailed as “the founding mother of cat psychology”, she co-founded The Cat Practice, the first veterinary hospital in New York City exclusively devoted to cat care in 1973.

Over the years, Carole has consulted with veterinarians to devise treatment programs for cats with psychological ... read more ››
Jorge Bendersky
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Jorge Born in Buenos Aires, Jorge Bendersky became interested in the sport of dog breeding and showing at a very early age. Growing up on his family's hacienda in Argentina, he inherited the tradition of caring for the animals on the ranch. Jorge also learned to manage all the myriad aspects of ranch life including its facilities and employees. Later in life, he took on the duty of managing his family's boutique hotels across Argentina. His experience with the family business gives Jorge the ability ... read more ››
Marcello Forte
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Marcello After a successful career as a Speech and Language Pathologist, Marcello Forte followed his dream to help New York City's homeless animals. For the past seven years as Executive Director of Animal Haven, Marcello has played a significant part in helping solve the city's pet overpopulation problem.

Marcello's vision has taken Animal Haven from a small Queens-based shelter to an organization that includes a upstate sanctuary, mobile adoption program and innovative adoption center ... read more ››
Rachel Farris
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Rachel After pursuing a career in the equine industry, Rachel Farris joined the team in early 2006. is one of the most experienced, respected & technologically-advanced pet relocation companies in the world, specializing in door-to-door domestic and international pet relocations worldwide. Farris has coordinated hundreds of relocations for pets big and small – gerbils from Zurich to New York, fourteen horses from California to Honduras, and one very large collection ... read more ››
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