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Tacocito Le Mieux  Maine Coon 
Boy Cat
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My Birthday:
Jul 31st, 2012
Gainesville, FL
United States
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Where I Met My Family:
Ohai! My name is Tacocito Le Mieux, but you can call me "Taco," "Tacocat," "Taquito," or "Hey you, get off that thing!" I was raised on a farm by my fuzzy cat mommy, and my original human mommy, but I had so many brothers and sisters that they had to give us away to people. When I was 8 weeks old, my original human mommy took me to work and then I met my new human mommy, who I love a lot!
My First Day with Them:
I came home with my mommy on September 20th, while my daddy was still at work. I didn't know who he was though, so when he came home I hid in my mommy's shirt because it's warm in there and I like to sleep... But my daddy woke me up and held me and I knew he'd take care of me! Then some of their friends came over and took lots of pictures of me, and I got a bunch of things to play with and bat around the house. It was so much fun that I peed, and then they got me this thing called a "litur bawks," and now I use that thing now!
Cool Tricks I Do:
So I'm potty trained, and I am used to walking around on a string, but my mommy and daddy call it a "leash." You'll most likely find me climbing trees or lurking in bushes, perched on rocks, or stalking squirrels. I was raised on a farm after all! I also like to jump on things and run around real fast and meow and playfight with my daddy. When they are asleep sometimes they dangle their paws off the bed and I get to play with them, and they wake up and I get food! :3
Things I like:
I love people, and I'm very friendly but if I don't know you it'll take me a little while to warm up. If you see me out and about and my mommy and daddy aren't around, I'll be a little more persuasive if you offer me a treat or two first - Turkey is my favorite! I also like warm places to sleep, so chairs and blankets are my favorite. Also, when my mommy and daddy are asleep I like to snuggle in between them and purr real loud so they pay attention to me.
I don’t like:
I'm terrified of loud noises, and when I'm scared I tend to lose my nerve. I'm sorry if I get my claws out on you, but I don't mean it. I promise! If I get scared, just hold me close and hold me tight, and I'll calm right down. I also don't like being alone. I love my mommy and daddy a lot, so if my mommy and daddy aren't with me, please help me find them! You can call them at (352) 318-4857, or (904) 994-7819. Also, I'd send them an "e-lektronik" mail, at, or Thanks so much for helping me get back home!

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My Human Boy
Birthday: August 11th
Things I like:
My daddy's name is "Tristan" and from what I can tell he likes to sit on the couch and play with this big black thing that has a screen and a bunch of little keys that he likes to tap. I've heard him call it a "lap top" which I guess is like me only less fuzzy and cute. My mommy's name is "Roxanne" and she and my daddy like each other very, very much, which is why they got me to keep them company and so they can take care of me together. I love them both!
I don’t like:
My mommy and daddy don't always like it when I play with their paws when they sleep, but I can't help it cause they dangle off the edge of the bed and they're just so juicy looking!

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