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LYRIC  Yorkshire Terrier 
Boy Dog
Known as: The Yorkies
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My Birthday:
Feb 11th, 2008
OTHER, Tennessee
United States
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My Mood Today:   Vibrant
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Where I Met My Family:

I searched for a little over a year for a yorkie breeder in Tennessee with no luck. One day in the wee hours of the morning I got online and tried my search again. And I found a couple that bred yorkies that only lived 45 minutes away from me.

I contacted them by email and was sent pictures/info on the puppies currently available and the prices.

Was my search over? Am I really ready for a puppy?

I prayed long and hard about this

And it was the right fit, once I saw the picture of Lyric who was then named "mikey mouse" it was love at first sight. I had to have him, who couldnt adore that little face with the button nose and the big ears lol

I put down the deposit and Lyric was mine

Lyric finally made his way home on Monday April 21st 08. At the age of 9 weeks, I originally wanted him to come home at 12 weeks, but things came up so my boy-friend and I decided to pick him up earlier.

Things happen for a reason because now that hes here I don't think I could have waited three more weeks for him. His vet said that he is in perfect health and 9 weeks is the minimal that a puppy should leave their parents and litter mates, that made me feel a lot better about getting him a bit earlier.


My First Day with Them:

My mommy and daddy picked me up on April 21st 08 at 11:00am, dad held me while mom and my breeder filled out my AKC paperwork once that was done, I went to the vet to get checked out and was given a clean bill of health. All the vet techs said I was adorable.

On the drive home I cuddled up with mommy and fell asleep in the car, but the big trucks on the road kept waking me up and I would stare at mommy and shake a little bit. Mommy cuddled me and told me it was all ok, so I was able to curl back up with her and go to sleep.

Once I got home I met my kitty sisfur Brookelynn Paige I went over to her and we smelled each other and touched nose to nose. But when I bent down to smell the ground she hissed at me. I didn't know what that was about, but mom said Brookelynn probably thinks I was trying to eat her food, which I wasn't! All I wanted to do was check out her bed and stuff.

Once I got settled inside mom put a wee pad down for me and some kibble and water..I ate a bit and then it was play time..I ran around the apartment exploring and jumping up and down. And even ran to the couch and the chair to grab onto the end of the fabric and give it a good shake.

All this fun has got me tuckered out so mommy put me in my cardboard box with my blankets, & toys, I wasn't having any of that. I got out of it and laid down next to my mom and have been in that spot ever since.

Cool Tricks I Do:

Sit//Stay//Fix your hair//Give paw//High five//Speak//Spin// Stand//Crawl//Dance//Drop It//Leave it//Give Kisses

Things I like:
What I like

Favorite Toys: Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys, Kong Wubba, Nylabone Hard Bones To Chew, A gingerbread man thats bigger than I'am, My kitty sisfurs electronic mouse, squeaky ball, the bells on my jester bed, chewing on fingers, chasing feet, tiny stuffed star that sings twinkle twinkle little star, licking/sucking on ice cubes till they get small enough for me to chew on them..they feel good against my teeth

My Bestest Petpop Pals


I don’t like:
Big trucks driving past us on the highway, Being away from my mommy, I will stay with daddy but if mom leaves the room, I whine in daddies arms and wiggle till she gets back, When someones toes move under a blanket

When people refer to me as a "teacup"..I'm not a teacup people drink from those

When people refer to me as a "toy" toys are for kids

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Oct 31, 08
May 14, 08
May 04, 08
Apr 25, 08
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I Love Chris Brown 
Jul 06, 08
Pregnant Kitty 
Jul 03, 08
Hello My Best Petpop FriendsI Wub You 
Jul 03, 08
Jun 06, 08
Lyric Running in Shoes 
May 28, 08
May 12, 08
May 10, 08
Toy Is Yummy! 
May 10, 08
May 09, 08
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My Human Girl
Birthday: August 27th
Things I like:
The name is:

I'm a very proud mommy to my furbaby Lyric, I hardly remember what life was like before he came home. He always keeps me laughing, and comforts me when I'm feeling sad.



+Support Our Troops+

Educate Yourself Please Purchase From A Responsible Breeder Or Rescue!!

I don’t like:
People who abuse animals & children, Drama Creators & Liars, Racism any and all forms whether it be racism against people, or certain breeds. Puppy Mills, and the term teacup, toy, macro,micro mini, or pocket pet etc.. These are all terms that breeders use to raise the price of a puppy and it usually ends up with tons of health problems which can result in a lifetime of misery or death.

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